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Ai May 25th, 17 08:53 AM

Ever wanted to run your own yaoi related website but don't have the technical knowledge, don't want to pay high hosting costs or really don't know where to start?

YaoiAi is happy to begin offering members their very own https://YOURNAME.yaoiai.com or https://yourdomain.com website free of charge. We have happily been hosting https://thehandprints.com and https://boyzbeingboyz.com in this fashion for a number of years and have relatively few requirements for you.


  • You must have been a member for over 6 months and be active within the community (those with artist accounts, writers accounts etc automatically qualify regardless of account age) which will be determined by forum and gallery participation.
  • Site content must be spanking related (for an animeotk.com subdomain), diaper related (for a diaperedanime.com subdomain), yaoi related (for a yaoiai.com subdomain) or general fetish of any sort related (for a yourdomain.com account).
  • Photographs of any sort are not permitted. This is due to legislation surrounding adult rated material and the requirement to retain records of the age of models.
  • All AnimeOTK.com (and YaoiAi.com) rules must still be followed on your site.
  • Ecommerce (shop) sites or any kind of payment systems are not allowed. Artists and writers are however allowed to advertise commissions but payment must be discussed with commissioners privately. Links to services such as patreon are permitted.
  • Large files maynot be hosted (no video downloads). Self created games may be hosted with permission. Illegal files (stolen content) may not be hosted - so no dlsite (or similar) games/doujin etc.
  • All scripts used must be approved before installation for security. Regular audits will be carried out and violation of this will result in immediate termination of the account. Authorised scripts must be kept up to date (help with this can be happily given).
  • Commercial (paid) scripts must have appropriate and current licences. Evidence of this must be provided.
  • A link back to animeotk.com (or the main domain for the focus of your site) must be included.
  • Very high traffic sites which may cause us to pay extra fees to our host or have a detrimental affect on the server and our main websites may need to be throttled, optimised or will be asked to move to their own hosting

What our hosting can offer:

  • Free subdomain or domain hosting.
  • Installation of any scripts (eg wordpress) performed on your behalf if required.
  • No invoices, financial contribution or other form of payment will ever be requested or demanded - we are happy to accept donations though!
  • 1GB of filespace initially provided (can be increased on request and with approval). We have several terabytes of space available on the server.
  • Bandwidth is unmetered but very high usage (over 1TB a month) may result in us asking you to move to your own server. We have multiple terabytes of monthly bandwidth available.
  • Full backups off server are maintained. These can be provided on request.
  • MySQL databases are allowed.
  • Email is not provided.

Interested? Let us know!

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