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  1. Bonkibonk
    February 23rd, 19 07:26 PM
    No for real XD Spy is super hard but I enjoy playing him when I can. I either get 20 kills or 0, there's no inbetween XD
  2. Bonkibonk
    February 13th, 19 09:43 PM
    ^_^ Nice to meet you!
    Random question: fave TF2 class.
  3. Jannetje
    January 15th, 19 02:34 PM
    Then consider yourself shocked since I also had never heard of him before, but once again I checked it out and found it amazing. Talking to you I am starting to notice that I am not that much into artists that are not "conventional" yaoi/bara artists xD. Any more suggestions that I must check out?

    Although I cannot say I have experienced quite the same, I can say that your story is relatable since being an introvert myself as well I have to go through similar struggles to find energy in daily life with lots of people. Mostly when I do not get some alone-time, my energy drains, fatiguing my immensely.

    If you have other recommended videos then please tell, I'd love to see your favorites
  4. Bonkibonk
    January 14th, 19 05:34 AM
    Hey hey! I saw you in the TF2 group and never got around to saying hello. So this is me saying hello! ^_^
  5. Jannetje
    January 11th, 19 11:39 PM
    You have a good taste mate hahaha. I love your choices, and went on to search some of those characters in action right away. As for me I am fully into LoZ Link, and Sidon, but I also love Bowser and Sonic. Finally I also really like little mac and Pit. Talking about it makes me wanna look these characters up in a dirty setting as well....

    I understand that you can get bummed out by the cold. I wonder if you are prone to "winter depressions", since many people over here suffer from it as well. You enjoying Christmas and new years more lightly with friends and family rather than going clubbing makes us once again a bit more similar, though I really don't usually hit the clubs even on normal weeks since I don't get too much enjoyment out of sadly. I am curious to know what you like about it!

    That is too bad to hear. Hopefully you will be able to overcome it, and I really mean it. If you wanna talk about it over a PM, then I would be glad to listen

    Yeah hearing this I understand why you made the connection between me and kingdom hearts. I'll remember your recommendation, and I'll definitely play the games if I have the time. I also really enjoy rhythm games, though I do not play them too often. I have played all Rhythm Heaven games to perfection. Apart from that I am also really into platformers and RPGs.

    Well you don't have to hold in with me. I do enjoy the fantasy both ways. Friends having sex but also (step)brothers doing it. As long as it stays a fantasy it's just harmless fun in my opinion. I have found a good video that connects to this fantasy, if you're interested it is this one (Pornhub video). Also don't hesitate to share your hot video's and fantisies

    That is soooo hot. I am just drooling away at the thought of you doing that to someone . Well exact size also does not really matter in my opinion, it is most important that you are happy with your tool and that you can use it, and from your story you can use it very well.

    Finally, I am also glad to hear that you are trying to take good care of yourself. Hopefully you will be able to spend a lot of time in the sun soon again!
  6. Jannetje
    January 1st, 19 08:38 PM
    I had not seen Maldu's art before now, but I am glad you introduced me to his art because it is amazing. And I gather you like Machoke too, considering you do not think he is overrated. Machoke is just so huggable and buff which makes him so hot. Chesnaught would also be a hot choice to make into a Pokéguy. I would love to see the hot body you'd come up with for him.

    You and I have similar tastes in men hahaha. I also like them big and don't care if that means muscled or on the fatter side. I simply do not have a thing for skinny "breakable" guys. I like my men manly.

    I understand you completely. I also was not into anime before I was into yaoi/bara. Like I said I first discovered bara and yaoi of my favorite video game characters before I got into anime a little as well, but I gotta say I'm more into bara than I am into "regular" anime. Which makes me wonder: which anime/video game characters would you like to meet/date/have sex with if you could?

    My new years were great since I did what I expected. We played games with family, watched the fireworks, then talked a little more before heading to bed. Here lots of people go out and buy tickets for a party on new year's, but I am not that much into going to clubs/festivals in general. What about you? Do you like to hit the clubs on Saturday nights or do you prefer a game night with friends?

    Still it pains me to hear that you feel bad from time to time. If you ever wanna talk about it, also for serious time, don't hesitate to hit me up with a PM. Though I am glad to hear that you are not suffering from this most of the time.
    With regards to music tastes we are not hat much alike then, though we could always listen to rock together hahaha since that seems to be the only place where are music interests overlap. And after listening to rock, I'll slap those bongos of you hard.

    I have never played Kingdom Hearts before actually. Of course I had heard of the game but never came around to playing it. Why do you think I am very much into kindom hearts? Also what games do you like to play?

    Well the thing I meant with "bro stuff" was actually if you meant bro as in real brother, or as in good friend. In the same way you can be into daddy stuff as in the physique of a daddy or in the fantasy of someone getting served by his (step) dad. I guess what I was trying to ask is if you were into family fantasies?

    So you are trying to say you are pretty hung huh? Would you consider yourself having a big dick or normal from what you have seen? Have you every made someone cum by fucking them without them touching their dick?

    Yeah that is pretty comfortable so many hot days a year. I guess you then also must spend most of your free time outside enjoying the weather. I actually really like snow and cold weather. For some reason it makes the inside seem more cozy.
  7. Jannetje
    December 31st, 18 12:55 PM
    Man I know what you mean! I have had a Pokécrush on Machoke for a very long time now. You have peaked my interests. What concepts did you come up with? Also, since you have said you are attracted to women as well, do you also like them to be muscled? I also wonder if you already were into Japanese culture before you got into bara?

    Well although you describe it as being part of greek culture, this year I will be doing exactly the same tonight. I'll simply meet up with family, celebrate the new year, and move on with the rest of our business. Maybe we will also be playing some games but right now I still do not know.

    Well if you get back to it I am sure you will be able to move past your noobiness and turn into full on muscled hunk once more :P. I am interested in your rant song. What was it about? Also, what genres of music do you usually make, and which do you like? As for me I am not very much into death metal hahaha, though I could lay some sick beats for ya and even use your ass as a drum kit. :P My music tastes are more on the classical to rock scale and not beyond rock. I especially like orchestrated music, that's why I also have a passion for game music.

    Who does not like a good daddy from time to time. Although I am not that much into them physically, I do like the fantasies that involve daddies, though for me they ideally involve hunks only a little bit older than me. What do you mean exactly with being into "a bro situation"? I'm interested.

    It was pretty hot, and the other guy chose the film everyone was watching. He said he chose it especially for our little secret purpose .

    Hahaha although I understand it must be a very personal story, I am very interested in hearing it if you wanna type it out. Also, if you don't want to type it out publically you can also shoot me a PM with the story, or just not tell it. Whatever you prefer!

    Hehehe yeah that is pretty hot. I sometimes considering myself falling in the same category. Dom on the outside but prone to getting my ass served by a real dom .

    Ah so you did not really get the chance to go for it at that time. You wanted it but the other guy just left you hanging. Also I understand exactly what you mean, when it's cold there are moments my dick also does not want to go for it hahaha. Which begs the question how impressive your dick is when you are not suffering from small dick syndrome .

    Yeah damn climate change is getting to all of us. In some ways it's getting more comfortable of here because of it, though the weather also gets more extreme, rendering it less pleasant. Hopefully there are enough days a year for you on which you can enjoy the weather for whatever you wish.

    Good to know you like it too. We really could get along hahaha. Really not stories on your end to share? In what ways did you act on your tendencies for excitement?
  8. Jannetje
    December 30th, 18 12:37 PM
    Hahaha yeah I already had an interest in bara inklings. For some reason I loved the idea of those characters getting it on with each other. But I also think a lot of the Pokémon human males are damn hot as well when they are drawn in a bara style. I started out getting into yaoi/bara after seeing a bara version of Link from the Legend of Zelda.

    So you will be spending new year's with your family I gather then? Are you gonna play games as well or is it just sitting, chatting, watching movies?

    If you did kickboxing, you must be pretty buff yourself. How would you describe your physique? Music is always a fun hobby. I am personally into percussion and playing the drums and that is primary hobby. Music is also a good way to "escape" the daily routines and stresses from time to time.

    That sounded like a lot of fun and pretty hot! Makes me wonder if you are really into daddies? As for me my favorite sexual moment was the time I has sex with a friend of mine during a sleep over. A lot of friends were in the room, but the one friend and I were just having fun in the back while the others were watching a movie. It's not that the sex was particularly amazing at that moment, but the excitement of maybe getting caught really did it for me.

    I am not that much into eating ass but I am curious what you like so much about it. It also seems pretty logical that you are mainly a top, since you "sound" as one. At least the vibe I get from you made me think you were a top. As for me, I am mostly top but also like to bottom from time to time, though I do not get as much pleasure from it as I would like.

    I had to look up the mating press and after seeing some of the pics I find it a hot position too hahaha. Tell me a little about your cruising experience. What did you do? And isn't it always warm over there? :P And yeah as I already stated earlier I kinda like exhibitionism though not in the way that I like exposing myself to non-consenting people, but in the way that I like the feeling of risk that I may get caught when I do something like that. In that ruling, I have done things like masturbating in public, giving short blowjobs in public and the situation I described above.
  9. Jannetje
    December 27th, 18 09:24 AM
    Yeah I had a good one! I mostly went out for dinner with family. With us it is kinda a tradition to be together during Christmas. Not always fun as you are "forced" to be together, but mostly fun anyways. Hopefully you liked spending your christmas like that! And I totally agree that Spark is a cutie and pretty hot . I have that less with the professor of that game though. Which team do you belong to in game?

    Well colour me impressed, that's pretty cool! Glad you liked the manga I have sent to you. You mean you also wanted to have a manager that fucked all the participants after their game? :P What martial art did you attend? And were you any good at it? What are your hobbies right now?

    Well then I won't get into that any further, but funny to hear we are quite alike in a sense. I am also a pretty efficient man, sometimes pushing myself more than I need to. But trying to keep our conversation on the dirty side, what is the best sexual experience you have ever had?

    Hehehe your preferences sound really hot. For me it is a little bit different: 69ing is number one for me, followed by doggy style and then the sitting up position. For some reason I prefer blowjobs to anal, since I feel as anal takes long to prepare, and does not always feel as good. Makes me wonder: are you a bottom or a top most of the time?
    I can totally understand your preferences, but don't we all have a thing for muscled men hahaha. It always looks so hot. What are tings from mangas or porn you would still like to try out? Also, have you ever done something in public? I'd love to know
  10. Jannetje
    December 26th, 18 12:38 PM
    That must be so cool that you are able to get the gist of most Japanese bara manga's! It would be a dream for me to be able to read those without using translations but sadly I simply do not have the time to pick up some Japanese. Also funny to hear you have a thing for cops and perverted guys. The second is the same for me . For me this one or this one really hits the spot!~

    How do you mean that you are not trying to overexert yourself? Do you mean sexually since you are just exploring these feelings? As for me, I am enjoying myself quite a lot. Luckily I have gotten the chance to safely experiment and right now I know what I like and what I want. If I may ask, what kind of sex acts do you enjoy most? Certain positions or roleplays? what are the kinks?

    Also, Merry Christmas by the way!

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