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  1. daftpunk12
  2. daftpunk12
    May 8th, 11 08:37 PM
    Sure thing. Give me a moment while I make the thread. I'll reply again when it's finished and you can post your reply there once it's done.
  3. daftpunk12
    May 8th, 11 08:20 AM
    [Apologies for the late reply. I didn't actually see the reply till I visited your page, since it seems you posted as a visitor note on your own page instead of replying to the existing conversation. And then I had finals, so I was further occupied. Better late than never, I suppose. And it seems we've been invited by RobM to post this in the forums, ah-ha~]

    "Ahhh-!" With a bit of a startled wail, Alexei felt his head tugged forcefully against his will by his 'companion'. He tried shaking the other man off, letting out a strangled bark of sorts, but had to submit when he felt another tremor shake violently through him.

    'Whatever you're doing do it fast ..!' he thought desperately. He concentrated solely on keeping the pressure between his teeth constant, as a means of keeping both rational and 'calm', but it was getting increasingly difficult to fight against his own limbs, which were desperate to lash out and inflict some sort of harm against their 'attacker'. Nonetheless, it seemed Briar had succeeded in his goal. Before Alexei even had time to register a counter-reaction to the painful 'stab' at his neck, he felt some sort of woozy feeling flood over his wracked system.

    'What ..'

    Shivering, he began to relax, while the 'beast' within snarled at Briar. It was mostly in defense though; the previous blood-lust seemed to have died and distilled into mere irritability. In a near drunken state, Alexei's body stalked over to Brair on stumbling legs, and glared at him, scowling in great distaste. It seemed his 'other' was now in dominant control of his body, though Alexei still had enough strength to 'curb' him from-

    '...!!' As if reading his mind [and to a certain extent, a likely consequence of doing so] Alexei felt his torso lurch forward towards his ... oppressor, in retaliation. Savior, he reprimanded the creature possessing him, as he strained to keep his own fingers from digging into the other man's flesh. It was all a mock display of dominance on the beast's behalf, he noted; he and it were merely clutching Briar forcefully, but doing nothing to actually harm him. There was still the ever present danger of his mind blacking out and losing complete control, but, considering the noticeable effects of Briar's injection, there wasn't much to worry about. The creature was malevolent, but it wasn't deadly unless fully transfigured.

    "..." It took a few tense minutes, but eventually his body relaxed, and backed away from Briar. Mentally sighing, Alexei felt his vision blur, as his body decided to settled down a bit of a distance away from their 'visitor'. It was getting tired; he was growing weary. With the last of his dying strength, Alexei found the means to push through his alter-being, and give a weak nod.

    "So you drugged it ... huh .." he stated hoarsely. His vocal cords weren't quite fit for speaking yet, but he mustered what he could, before he relaxed and closed vivid green eyes. He felt ... calm. To the point where he wasn't really caring if Briar could see his face anymore. The scales he'd sprouted would be shed within hours. And his teeth .... it wasn't like Briar was planning to pry his mouth open and inspect them, was he?
  4. RobM
    April 28th, 11 06:31 PM
    I came here to ask Sumomiro if he was still for hire, I might need his services in the future~
    But then I saw the RP~

    Pretty please do it in a forum thread. You can keep on doing it if you like, but I'd honestly quite like it if you could do it in the forum~
  5. Sumomiro
    April 26th, 11 03:29 AM
    "No, I'm not going to lose you just yet" the spy hissed, putting the dagger back quickly to get a free hand. "Now, I'm going to need your cooperation for a minute" he commanded, reaching a hand into the creature's now large mane and grabbing as many raven-coloured strands as possible.

    With a tight fist, he hanked up to free the man's head from the protection of his arms. Feeling the fight in his target, he made sure to twist his hand as to cause an unfortunate, but neccessary amount of pain. Grunting, he got the object ready, pulling back his arm.

    "You may feel a little... PINCH!" and with as much strength as he could muster, he dove the item into the man's jugular vein, hitting the top of it with his thumb. Releasing built up pressure, the syringe jettisoned it's contents into the bloodstream.

    Moving back, the young spy drew his weapon once again and watched as the drug performed it's task. "Don't fight it, it's a surpressant... it should stop whatever is happening in your system... for now at least, if we're lucky" he explained inbetween the cries of the other.
  6. daftpunk12
    April 25th, 11 07:52 PM
    "...." He looked up, and moved his hands to grip his stone seat; he was coming closer, he was supposed to be moving away.

    "That's what they said, that's what they said ..!" he pleaded, before a sharp agonizing sensation struck him through the core. It was starting already ... he was trying so hard to hold back, but it was struggling for release ...

    "H-Hah-ahh .." he whimpered, watching Briar advance without hesitation. They never listened, they never ...

    Just as he saw the glint of metal, his body recoiled, flinching as the first of the transformations began. An unearthly cry broke from his lips, a hybrid between a devastated wail and a euphoric screech, and he backed away hurriedly. He kept his head hidden, cradling it in his arms, and as he hid himself in the shadows of the fountain, his already dark hair seemed to double in size instantaneously. Strange black shadows seemed to drift down from his dark crown, and they scattered themselves across the water's surface like strange downy leaves.

    "They ... they're feathers .. huu .." he whispered hoarsely, trying to hide his figure blindly behind what remained of the fountain's center pillar. The sound of soft, near-alien sobs filled the air, and as he wiped the tears desperately off his face, the pale skin of his arms was left smeared with droplets of what was unmistakably blood.

    "What are you trying to do, huuuuu .. WHAT." he tried gently, but as his voice began cracking into an unusual croak, he was forced to make himself coherent by blasting his vocal cords, lacing his words with an unintentional ferocity which was so unlike him.
  7. daftpunk12
    April 25th, 11 06:31 PM
    "..." He heard rustling again, and this time, he pinpointed the location to a path overridden with weeds. Not a moment after, a figure emerged. His eyes narrowed as he took a quick inventory of his 'visitor's' features, before he scowled.

    "You shouldn't be here; you don't know what you're dealing with. What you're dealing with." He tried emphasizing the potential danger by stepping forward adamantly. The sudden movement revealed a train of chains, shifting and clattering noisily against the cracked cobblestone pavement. He lift his arms wearily, and the chains rustled again; it became apparent that they were attached to him.

    "Please; I don't want to hurt you ... if you don't leave, I won't be able to guarantee your safety .." He kept his voice firm, but already his body was showing signs of stress. The faint glow of the setting moon outlined his features; steel-grey eyes, wide with fear and moist, glossed over with unshed tears. Tattered clothes, rustling, not from a breeze or the wind, but from his racing heart coursing through his body. His already pale skin seemed to shimmer, coated in a thin layer of sweat as he fought a mixture of instincts swirling within, all of them foreign, none of them kind. Sick macabre thoughts, repressed memories from the recent past surfaced, and his legs shaking so violently he had to back away, to sit on the ledge of the ruined fountain once more.

    "My name's Alexei ... I never meant to hurt them, I swear .."
  8. daftpunk12
    April 24th, 11 06:35 PM
    {--Alright then; here goes [excuse any pending wordiness, I tend to get carried away]--}

    It was early dawn, and sitting in the snares of an overgrown garden was a stranger. He'd lived in this particular area of the country for all his life, but due to a recent turn of events, his own friends, neighbors, and all past acquaintances had abandoned him. He didn't blame them; no one would care to associate with someone so ... so sub-human.

    "..." He glanced wistfully into the remnants of what had once been a magnificent fountain which he had frequented in his youth; the adorning sculpture lay in rubble inside the basin, itself filled with grey water specked with bits of dirt. The Corporations; they were responsible for the ruin, the waste, for him. He looked fine right now; an attractive young man with opalescent features stared back at him from the murky depths, his face framed by raven black hair. But within hours, that handsome visage would be transformed into an unholy abomination.

    "..." Still, as he looked at himself, he tried to convince himself that he was still the normal young man from before; he was, he had to still be there. It was his only consolation.

    "..!" Just then, the sound of twigs cracking snapped him from his thoughts. He spun around, darting his eyes about in panic for his visitor. He'd already sinned thrice; he would not be responsible for a fourth casualty.

    "W-Who's out there?" he called out, pleading with himself to keep his 'curse' curbed as long as possible.
  9. daftpunk12
    April 24th, 11 05:38 PM
    If that's what you'd prefer, that's fine. He's not excessively dark, if you're wondering; just a bit of a recluse due to physical abnormalities which could be explained by any of the genres I previously mentioned.

    Where would you like to test the rp out? I've seen people make forums/rp via pm, but we could try it here with the visitor notes; I haven't seen that yet, but it seems oddly convenient because there's no spam filter/mod approval required.
  10. Luvtehyaoi

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