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Akuma June 29th, 23 02:37 PM

Website ownership, new software delay, and ads
Dear Yaoi AI users. A lot to cover today.

And yes, I know this website has been abandoned for ages, but Iím posting this across all the sites of our network.

First and foremost, itís well past time that I announce that over two years ago I was handed over complete control of all the websites on the AnimeAI network by AI, at which point he disappeared. I had planned to share this news after upgrading the site to the Xenforo database software, but that upgrade never materialized. Since taking over, there have been no significant changes to the websites, except for minor functionality updates and the addition of the Artificially Generated image sections. I want to assure you that our websites will remain the same places you care for and love.

While Iíd really love to get our sites updated now and get all the little problems fixed, Iíve been checking into our software and have some unfortunate news. Many aspects, particularly the image software that primarily drives our websites, are more antiquated than I anticipated. Converting them to new software will require a lot more work than initially expected. This doesn't mean it won't happen; it simply means it will be more challenging than I had hoped.

We are still receiving some donations through Patreon, which is very appreciated and helps the site stay up by covering server costs and other related fees. However, at the moment, for multiple reasons, it is not nearly enough to help fund the conversion to new software. Additionally, there are concerns about the viability of Patreon as a platform in the near future due to other factors.
If we can demonstrate that regular donations are worthwhile, such as users pledging at least an additional $200 per month for a year (but please, only make a promise if you are certain you can fulfill it), I will work harder to explore other platforms like SubscribeStar or alternative options. However, based on past indications, I don't expect donations alone to generate a substantial amount of money. I would love to be proven wrong, though!

Considering these circumstances, I have decided to reintroduce ads to our websites on a trial basis to assess their potential income. I will conduct multiple experiments over several weeks, including ad placements at the top and bottom of the site. During the testing phase, VIP Donators will also see ads for at least a week. To support the site and help us gather accurate ad revenue estimates, I kindly request that you disable your ad blockers, at least during this test period. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

If ad revenue proves to be significantly helpful, I will seek input from our community on software suggestions for the future before making any decisions. If anyone has substantial experience in the field and can recommend software other than XenForo or assist with the migration process, your insights would be invaluable at that time.

We are also assessing our current moderator situation and considering the addition of more moderators if needed. I will provide further updates on this matter as we gather more information.

Thank you for your attention, and I appreciate your continued support as we navigate these challenges.


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