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Ai January 6th, 18 12:07 AM

Upcoming Maintenence
In preparation for upcoming script upgrades AnimeOTK.com (and all sister sites and hosted sites) will be closing for a long period of maintenence during which:

  • All sites will be redirected to a placeholder page informing everybody of ongoing maintenence.
  • Full fresh backups will be taken once all sites are turned off
  • These new fresh backups will be moved off of the server
  • The server will be wiped clean and given a fresh install of CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 16 LTS (not yet decided)
  • Hosting control panel will be set up again
  • PHP 5.3 will be installed alongside a hosting template so we can continue to run these old sites without issue.
  • PHP 5.6 will be installed alongside a hosting tempate so when we are ready to upgrade our scripts we can move straight to the newer, more secure and faster PHP
  • PHP 7.1 will be installed alongside a hosting template so it can be tested on the new scripts as well.
  • All data from the fresh backups will be restored to the server
  • All sites will be redirected back to this server and reopened as soon as their data is restored.
This is likely to take in excess of 48 hours to perform but will hopefully be much shorter. The exact time of this maintenence period is currently unknown but will likely be within the next month as my time allows. There will be only a brief period of notice (1 hour at most) prior to the sites going offline - apoogies for this inconvinience. It is a necessary evil in the quest to upgrade us to new scripts!

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