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Ai January 16th, 18 06:31 AM

Maintenance Complete
The long period of server maintenance has been successfully completed, taking me a total of 8 hours - much better than my top estimate of 48!

Having tested PHP 5.6 with the current scripts, everything seems to be working fine with no new error messages, however I can't test every feature! If you encounter errors (including strange messages at the top of the page) please report them so I can investigate and if required revert our PHP version to 5.4 temporarily.

What was done:
  • Full backups of all the sites on the server were taken (3 hours!) and copied to the backup server.
  • The main server was wiped and given a fresh install of CentOS 7.4.
  • The control panel and base server software was installed.
  • Multiple versions of PHP were installed and templates created for the Control Panel to allow simple switching between them.
  • Additional software that will be required by XenForo (Elastic Search, Redis Cache etc) were installed alongside their relevant PHP extensions. (About an hour for the previous set of steps)
  • The backups were copied back to the main server and restored. (about 3 hours total)
  • Bugs were troubleshot.
  • Lots of swearing happened.
  • I made this post!

So now we are on a fresh server. There is still some backend work to do - mysql needs to be tuned for peak efficiency and php settings may need to be tweaked, but the bulk of the work is done.

Did you miss us when we were offline? Why not join us on Discord https://discord.gg/qxnyXC7 so next time you don't feel so alone! One of the cool new features of XenForo is that it will integrate with Discord and show your usergroup directly in the chatroom if you use the web based browser! Something to look forward to ;)

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