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  1. Bonkibonk
    February 13th, 19 09:41 PM
    Well, during the Government shutdown I was not directly impacted because I do not work for the Government. However, people we're *starving*, working full shifts for free out of love and need for protection, unpaid! It was insanity. We could have easily been taken over, honestly, by any country who wanted us, with how low our security is when those shutdowns happen.

    Low-key basically means its something on the down low, perse. Something you don't scream, something not everyone knows, you know? Its really hard to explain western slang, since most of it is stupid and I forget not everyone uses it.

    God, you're all so lucky. I hate the blasted two party system! T_T
    Also, you didn't

    I'm glad to hear your vacation went well, then! I hope university is going well, too. How is it? How are you? Sorry for my late response, its been hectic. Between my writing, my art, school and health its been a bit unforgiving on me, though I hope you forgive me for being so late.
  2. Amerushu
    January 19th, 19 09:59 AM
    Well, HeadingSouthArt in particular is so good that I can't handle it. I guess I'm way too accustomed with some stuff!
    From the ones whose art is found on-site, I suggest CrimsonBlood, Ron9, Hydaria; then I'd have to say Luxuris, sakuramaru123, yuufreak, gurizuri00, oaks16... those are the ones I can think of. You can find most of those on Twitter too.

    I'll link you in my next comment, cuz I have to bail for errands. XD
  3. Bonkibonk
    January 14th, 19 05:31 AM
    Exactly! You understand completely. It was tough for me because I had a lot of trouble understanding basic concepts because i have a few mental health issues, but also because they were never explained in a way that i knew. T_T Im glad your system is so much better. Maybe one day the US will convert to it!

    I love the social policies. Its an extremely safe country for women (which is important to me for my friends and family) and LGBT+ friendly as well. I dont remember calling myself lowkey right though? :O

    Thats interesting, thank you for that info! Ill look more into it This is really cool, though! Im glad where you are they are more neutral. I believe that is how it should be. America is just obsessed with its ideals of left and right when the reality is that system of two-sided politics corrupt everything, even fact. Achilles and Patroclus were, in fact, a homosexual couple. UuU

    Thats great! Where did you vacation? Im good though, mostly working on some fanfiction in my off time and putting off doing what i need to do lol.
  4. Amerushu
    January 12th, 19 08:23 PM
    Oh, I noticed I already posted around the forum about Tsumugu from Kill La Kill as well. I don't know, I just want to worship his body. Can't help but see him as a tsundere-kuudere mix. Gamagori is sexy too.
    Oh, I also have a very big crush on Dick Gumshoe. He is so clumsy and such a softie, I can't help but want to make him mine. Bowser is hot, the rest only give me a rush if they're beefy ;P Ganondorf though... Oh boy, I could plow his beefy ass for days.
    Also, since you mention all those characters, you may wanna take a look at HeadingSouth's art. I'd be shocked if you don't know them at this point, but it's worth taking a look. They're really good.

    Not really anymore, if I get depressed it's because I have too many stimuli around me. I hate being an introvert, because all of a sudden I had to work around many parameters to make my daily life tolerable; and when that doesn't happen, I'm always framed as "a weirdo". It's difficult to explain, actually.

    I'm glad to hear that. That's a good video.
  5. Amerushu
    January 11th, 19 02:52 AM
    Oh, there is some of his art here, so I figured you'd have seen it before. Really glad to hear I got you into it!
    Oh boy. I need me some Asuma like pronto. Natsu and Laxus are both hot too, and I don't even watch Naruto. Heihachi makes a good daddy as well ;P I honestly don't think I can stop here. I've already mentioned some too. Do share your favourites!

    Meanwhile the cold only got worse here, which is why I've not been doing a lot of things since the year change. I'm slowly fighting against this though. And yours sounds more eventful than mine. Other than a glass of champagne and a chat, it's nothing much. I'd rather have a game night if I did pass New Year's with friends. Normally I don't mind Saturday club nights, but not on New Year's. It's a new trend here, and I'm more of a family holidays guy (doubt that will change any point soon, if ever).

    I appreciate your care. Existential dread is a rite of passage nowadays more or less. And it's stage 1.

    On second thought, I do wonder where I got that from. Guess my mind pieced this together thanks to "orchestrated music", "game music" and "passion" (literally the title of KH2's Japanese theme). It's a wondrous series to get into, if you have the patience.
    I'm a huge rhythm game ho. Can't get enough of that DDR. However I grew up with classic platformers, which was what I was into until the Japanese culture transformed me :P

    What if I meant both? Just kidding, I don't push it that much. Stepdads are kinda hot though.
    And yes, I have earned that achievement :3 as for my size, it varies upon speculation. For most I am deliciously hung, for others I could be better, and for others I'm too big ow ow ow. I think I'm pretty decent though.
    And yeah, I made sure to do that after I got sick so many times two or three summers ago, because I was a shut-in due to stress and intensive education hours. Blood tests said I had low vitamin D too, which was a shocker, considering we get ALL THAT SUN. That is, at the appropriate time. I always get heat exhaustion now if I spend more than 5-6 hours outside in a June day. And obviously there's no sun to enjoy right now lmao. Some hours there is, but still.
  6. Bonkibonk
    January 10th, 19 11:15 PM
    Oh man, that system sounds way harder for sure honestly. Here in the US its just like - do the thing, and we hope you prepared for university which we barely even tell you about. Seriously. There's so much to do to prepare for university and I was told about none of it -.-

    I think i prefer your guys', honestly!

    I love the outdoors and the mountians and just the freedom that comes in living in such a beautiful place. Low-key want to be a farmer once I've done work for some years. xD Plus, norwegian is a beautiful language to me!

    Ill do that, thank you! (Also extends if you need some history homework done, ill help ya xD) Honestly though, Im down for either doing my job in english or norwegian, though i think norway is not exactly english speaking mostly so norwegian is my best bet. American historians are *incredibly* biased. They refuse to speak truly about subjects they disagree with, such as homosexuality or race topics. Because of their bias and personal beliefs, they contort the truth to their agenda (as white men did with the bible). We are taught these half truths in american schools, purposely evading the topics of sexism or homophobia or racism. Instead we build up our country like its not built on those ideals, and refuse to accept that these things exist. Ask any american historian about historical homosexual men or women. They will tell you they we're just "friends". Every time.

    :O: Sorry for the fact im late all the time!~ I miss you tooo~~~~ How have you been? Whats been up?
  7. Bonkibonk
    January 3rd, 19 09:29 PM
    Woah! Your guys' education is so weird to me...thats crazy interesting! Do you like that system better than the dumb US system?

    I hate my country. We are terrible in every single way. We made steps in the right direction, but then 40 steps back because of our literal dictator. :/ I want to move to Norway when I'm able.

    Thats really noble of you! Perhaps you could even help me understand some things XDD It's good to know there is at least one math teacher who gives a shit out there!! <3 But I would like to work as an archivist in a museum one day. I would also like to write reference books on my favorite time periods, there are so many things people get wrong and I think that would be a good way to educate people since I try to look at history different than what the mostly biased historians of my country have done before.

    Happy 2019, though! I hope you have a good one~! Sorry for my late response!
  8. Amerushu
    January 1st, 19 03:55 PM
    Ikr?? I bet you've seen Maldu's Machoke art. I'm glad Machoke still has fans, despite everyone screaming "hE's OvErRaTeD". I have a handful of concepts, but my personal favourites are Chesnaught and Pyroar. Probably Empoleon too, but I'm not so sure anymore haha.
    I like them like my men, BIG! Don't care if they're muscled, or chubby, or thicc, love them all the same. And well, aside from what was broadcasted on tv (none of us knew what 'anime' was when we were kids) I tried getting into anime with a renewed spirit in middle school, but they didn't give me any special feelings. The stigma was also rampant back then, and we kept hearing of cases of "weebs being beaten to a pulp by bullies", soooo you understand. My contact with Japanese culture only strengthened after a bunch of Vocaloid songs and J-vlogs on Youtube. Sooo, about the same time I'd say I got into bara too.

    Hope you had a great New Year's! It went pretty smooth for me too.
    Oh yeah, if I'm back to it I'll be for good. I hope to, once I have become more independent in my life.
    It was about my internal struggles. Real sad stuff :P It's not frequent though I swear, I'm just in a bad state most of the time lol. I create mostly chiptunes with Famitracker, rock and ballads. I'm not into death metal at all, but the way I've felt while I was writing that song calls for it. I'm more of a power metal guy, I also kinda like grunge, but I'm a good ol' rocker at heart. Love classic 90s-00s stuff like Chili Peppers, Placebo, Alanis Morissette and more.
    You're welcome to slap my bongos I'm willing to guess you're into Kingdom Hearts a lot, aren't you?

    Just like with the daddy situation, it's parts of what we've both mentioned before. The sudden need to rub one out, or fuck. Carefully sneaking so that others don't see you. Or just in your comfort and privacy. Bro things can range from a simple game night going corporal to anything you can imagine.
    No it wasn't the fault of anyone. I was just too cold so my dick imploded XD So I decided to come back another time. And well, I've been able to make guys cum while fucking them, soooo. :3

    Today it's hella cold here. We're having a white New Year's again, but only in higher heights again. It just rained all night during the change of the year over here. Pretty sure it's gonna snow sometime in the whole country in January, or up until March. These are the coldest months after all. Good thing that's all, which leaves us with more than 200 sunny days in the year, so I'm more than satisfied living here than anywhere else in the world.
  9. Amerushu
    December 30th, 18 02:58 PM
    Oh lordie I LOVE Pokémen! I'm huge on Pokémon gijinkas in general but bara pokeguys have my unconditional love. I have concepts for my own too, but I never got to drawing them. Also I don't even remember which was my first bara imagery. I was just unconsciously attracted to muscles and power since a young age. I have a memory of reading Shingakumai in Chinese and not understanding shit, that's probably my first bara manga. :P
    Yeah, Christmas is a family time. Unless I make my own family, we're passing it together. We don't do a lot. Just gather around for the change of the year and then go back to what we were doing.
    I'm more of a gachimuchi, but with extra pudge. If I stuck with a fitness plan for a year again, maybe I could be. Life had other plans though; hoping to get back to it one day.
    Yeah, I literally wrote a full rant song yesterday. Maybe I'll dress it in death metal? :P Great thing you're a drummer too, you could lay some slaying beats for me ;P But honestly, I love drums and hope to try my hands at them one day. I play the guitar and keyboard myself.
    It has been toned down, but I have been into daddies as long as I can remember myself! I'm more for a bro situation now, but I've had my fair share of daddies and that makes me happy.
    By god, this is so hot!!! I love this kind of situations. Just casually needing to go. The excitement makes it so good
    Basically it just happened. I was a chest kind of guy, but it all happened so quickly. Part of why I'm into fat guys is also why I'm into rimming so bad. It's a long story, and a tale of ups and downs, how I got to embrace fatness positivity. Good to hear I'm still passing out as a top, I fear I don't look like it sometimes :P
    It's basically missionary with a hotter twist. I love it on "cocky" guys who think they can be doms but then get their asses served Soooo good!
    After lots of speculation, and needing to piss badly, I just went for it. Some other guy was going in, and he dead stared me in the eye, so I stared back. You know, the usual signal of what you're in for. The urinals were occupied, and the guy just stayed for a while, but he was gone by the time I left (I went to the stall, it's a small bathroom). But because it was so cold, I suffered from "small dick syndrome". You know when your dick shrinks so badly you can't pull it out? Yeah, that's why.
    I know right? The weather sadly is more tropical than mediterranean the past 4 to 5 years. We've been getting snow for a lot of days too. We got snow days in the entire country too, which is really rare and bizarre. So we get Narnia-level winters (I know the rest of Europe gets worse temperatures but screw you we are COLD) and hotter-than-Satan's-crotch summers.
    Yeah, that's what I also mean by exhibitionism. We'll definitely get along haha! I love feisty people like that.
  10. Amerushu
    December 29th, 18 05:09 AM
    Good to hear, it's the same here. Actually contrary to the rest of Europe we focus more on being with family on New Year's, rather than Christmas, but for me it's all the same.
    Yeeeeah, he's a joy. Honestly the 3D model of Willow did it for me xD he's a seducer damnit. I am part of team Mystic, because most of the country is. Instinct rose in numbers rapidly though, as I was informed.
    Btw all of a sudden I took an interest to bara inklings too. God, I need more bara monster cock >A<

    I don't exactly remember, but my instructor was hot. I did kickboxing, and honestly I miss it. While I went to the gym, I always thought about it. I may actually go for it again sometime that I'm able. Hope to move past the noobness.
    Currently I'm into music and singing. It drowns the voices in my head, and makes the evil go away. Lol!

    Best sexual experience, huh... I'll pass this on to you for now, as I need to think about it. Probably getting spitroasted between a daddy and his bear, we'll see if I remember something better.

    Your prefs are nice too. I have my moods for blowjobs, while I'm always down for eating ass (I think I forgot to write that). I'm a top, since I have a slightly bad relationship with bottoming, but I do enjoy it from time to time. I just have to feel ready (and actually be so horny that I need it, probably).
    Oh, muscleguys are the best. I've always loved them. As for things from manga/porn I wanna try, I'm pretty sure I've tried most of them. Lately I also took a liking to the mating press. All the MachoJuice memes did it for me <3
    I tried cruising in public toilets but it was too cold. I'll go back once it gets a bit warmer ;P I wonder about you though, you seem to like exhibitionism~

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    If you wanna know anything, feel free to contact me with a vm or a pm :D :3
    Gaming, music, playing the drums, hanging out with friends, fapping ;), and of course...you :)
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